The Freedom Trail

Experience sections of Africa's
hardest mountain bike race

DISTANCE: 200km+ / ASCENT: Varies

Every year a group of very mad people race this route across the high mountains of South Africa. This option is of course slower, and a lot more comfortable. Ride anywhere between 3 and 6 days of the Freedom Challenge while exploring the local sites and historical spots. You will ride 80 to 100 km each day and will spend around 8 hours a day on your bike.


The highest mountain
in South America


The highest mountain in South America and one of the seven summits. Aconcagua is a bit like Kilimanjaro, just a lot higher. This is the safest way to get to almost 7000m. Towering above the Andes, a trip to Aconcagua involves mostly steep hiking at high altitude and some very cold temps around summit day. Located in Argentina, you will get to savour this countries famous food and wine!

Mt. Elbrus

The highest mountain
in Europe


The highest mountain in Europe and one of the seven summits. A trip to Elbrus is always a fascinating affair as you immerse yourself in Russian culture. The mountain is almost as high as Kilimanjaro but will be mostly snow slopes on summit day, so it makes a logical progression for someone who has done Kili. Enjoy the magic that is St Petersburg after a trip to the Caucasus.

Scotland Whisky MTB

Explore Scotland's Island distilleries
all on a mountain bike

DISTANCE: 688m / ASCENT: Varies

This trip is for that unusual individual that enjoys spending time on their mountain bike, but also sipping a fine whisky. Spend ten days on your bike cycling around the islands of Arran, Islay and Skye, all on the west coast of Scotland and visit six or seven iconic distilleries. From Arran to Lagavulin to Oban to Talisker, this trip will leave more than just a subtle smoky taste in your mouth.

Himalaya MTB

The fabled MTB route across
the roof of the world

DISTANCE: 1014km / ASCENT: 8085m

A mountain bike adventure with a difference. Starting in Lhasa, Tibet, this trip crosses the high Himalayas and eventually ends in the tropical valleys of Kathmandu, Nepal. Spend 12 days riding on mostly country roads and high passes and see the worlds highest mountains in a very special way. A mix of camping and hotels ensures you will immerse yourself in a once forgotten and timeless place.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

The highest mountain
on the African continent


The   highest   peak   in   Africa   and   one   of   the   seven   summits. Kilimanjaro involves nothing more technical than steep hiking and will take about a week to climb. It is one of the worlds largest free standing volcanoes and an ascent of Kili will take you through almost all of the earths bio-zones. Situated in Tanzania, this trip is a mix of different cultures and exotic landscapes.

The Empty Quarter

A hike across sand dunes
in the Arabian desert


One of the largest, driest and hottest deserts on earth. The Empty Quarter trek involves a week of hiking over sand dunes and camping out under a billion stars. The Arabian desert is a very special place and this trip will give you a small taste of it. Situated in the UAE about 2 hours south of Dubai, you will very quickly think you are on another planet.

Mt. Vinson

The highest mountain
in Antarctica


The highest peak in Antarctica and one of the seven summits. This is a very special trip to a seldom visited place. Vinson is not a technical peak and involves no more than easy snow slopes and the odd small head wall. However, it is cold in a way no other mountain on earth is. Spend three weeks on this fabulous continent and feast your eyes on a visual spectacle of icy, forgotten peaks.